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Service Rates

At GeekSupport, we believe repeat business is good business. So we aim to be cost-effective in assisting clients with all their needs.

We aim to provide customers with piece of mind by providing fixed priced services, so customers may know their total cost outlay.


If certain services are not covered by our fixed price services, we will diagnosed the fault and present the customer with a list of options and associated costs.

On certain jobs which do not have a fixed price, we will charge by time because that is the industry standard.

Geek Support offers onsite computer support at your place or a over the phone, depending on the problem. Not sure which one, just call Geek Support on 1300 788 209 or book online to explain your problem.

PRICE CAP GUARANTEE: You only pay a maximum of 2 hours per visit per problem, if a job goes over time*.

Condition:*This applies to home-user PC Problems, ADSL internet network connections and wireless networks. This applies only to a single site visit, additional site visits incur additional charge. This does not apply to server problems or application support. If the problem is identified to be a hardware problem, a recommendation for new hardware to be purchased by the customer is made.

All prices are in Australian Dollars $AUD.

While you are here, take a look at our Joomla Website PRICES.

You will find that our prices  are very affordable and competitive.

OnsiteRemoteNetworking - Book it now - Fixed Price





ADSL Network It.

We will:

  • Connect your ADSL Router to the internet.
  • Connect up to 2 wireless devices to your router.
  • Enable security on your connection if your device permits.
  • Enable file and printer sharing, if available.




 Network Services - any one of the following:

  • Network Connect It - Connect an additional PC to your existing network, wired or wireless.
  • Network Secure It - Setup Security on your wireless router up to 2 devices.
  • Network Share It - Setup File and Print Sharing on your network, up to 2 devices.




 To connect an extra computer of device to the wireless network while we're there.


OnsiteRemoteComputer Repairs - Book it Now Fixed Price







 Repair Services provided:

  • Fix it - Fix your computer problem.



Setup New Gear - Book it Now Fixed Price








 Setup Services provided:

  • Computer Setup.
  • Install New Gear.
  • Transfer Data to New Gear.





TRAINING SERVICE - Book it Now Fixed Price
- includes 1 hours training at your premises.



There are things you want to do yourself, but need a hand.

Additional rates are charged at $44 per 30 minutes.



- all onsite support come with 1 hour Support included.



Additional rates are charged at $44 per 30 minutes.


On-Site Support*

$44 per 30 minutes



 Same Day - 48 hours
Remote Support

$33 per 30 minutes



 Same Day - 48 hours
After Hours Support

$55 per 30 minutes



 After hours - same day


Onsite Computer Support - Refers to when we come to you to fix the problem.

Remote Computer Support - Refers to when we assist you over the phone or internet connection to fix the problem.


When you book a remote service, we will ask for your credit card details. Once service is complete, we will process the payment.


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Thanks for coming to our website.

Geek Support would like to improve our service to you, so please ....


  • your current IT computer problem.
  • what you need.
  • how we can improve our service to you.